Polyester braids

HT (high tenacity) Braids in Sale Marasino

HT (high tenacity) Braids

High tenacity polyester braids White or black
Diameter: Between 1 mm & 28 mm
Processing: 16 or 24 melted melted
MT braids

(medium toughness) Braids

White medium tenacity polyester braids
 Diameter: Between 2 mm and 28 mm
Double Knit braids

Double Knit HT (High Tenacity) Braids

Double knit polyester white or black high toughness, diameters between 5 mm and 34 mm
Processing: 24 time
Flat braids

Flat Braids

Flat, medium or high tenacity,   polyester braids
Diameter: Between 0.8 mm and 16 mm
Processing: 16 or 24 time
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